Becoming an accredited official is easy and can open many doors

Just follow these 3 simple steps.

 Step 1: CAMS Trainee Officials Licence

Download your CAMS General Officials Licence before you attend your chosen event and take it with you.
Make sure at the conclusion of your event you get your General Officials Licence signed by your supervisor or senior official.
The supervisor or senior official will be asked to lodge this form with CAMS with other post event paperwork.
Upon receipt of this form CAMS, you will be allocated with your CAMS Member number and be contacted regarding Step 2 of the process to becoming a General Official.

Remember that you need to officiate for 1 day before applying to become a CAMS General Official.
Instructions on your next steps are also provided on the CAMS General Officials Licence application form.

Officials Licence Forms –

 Step 2: Introductory Theory Module

To ensure that you are duly informed and aware of the potential dangers of motor sports, you are required to undertake a short training module.

This can be done via the web by contacting CAMS Customer Services or alternatively instructor-led by your club or event organiser.

 Step 3: Fill out the WASCC Officials Registration Form

These give us all the information we need to contact you and supply you with the correct pass to get you through the gate at meetings as well as emergency contact information.

Please Note: This form needs to be renewed each year.

Official Registration 2019