Drifting is an extreme sport involving controlled slides around a series of corners. Big horsepower cars, massive angle, heaps of smoke and door to door racing make for the most exciting motorsport you’ve ever seen! 


While the majority of cars partaking in drifting competitions are of Japanese origin, there are no restrictions as to make and model which makes for some very interesting combinations! Generally the vehicles of choice are Nissan Silvia’s and Skylines, but there are massive following of other vehicles as well, with even Commodores and Falcons mixing in.


The lower technical regulations and vehicle restrictions mean drifting is a very affordable sport to get started in, with many people starting out with a sub $5000 car and working their way up. While still a relatively new category to the country, the sport is growing year by year as is the competitor field, which enables a more spectacular event each time! To start drifting you will need to consider the driver and vehicle requirements below.



“Drift Battles” are two cars pitted against each other, trying to mirror each others driving while maintaining as close proximity as possible. Wanneroo Raceway holds 4 competition rounds each season, with multiple practice events over the year as well. Being non traditional in the racing sense, this allows for multiple track layouts to be used which makes for a unique event every time.

Competitors are judged by a panel of judges on several factors, including speed, line and angle, with some competitions adding extra factors like crowd-pleasing factor and most smoke.



Members Drift Practice is a great opportunity to access the track with your daily drive, or test out your drift car before the next meet! At $75 per day, this is a very affordable way to get yourself some regular track time with many practice days scheduled throughout the year.





  • Secure fire extinguisher
  • No oil or fluid leaks
  • Battery and tow point indicators (stickers)
  • Battery secured and terminals covered
  • Seat and seat belts secure and in good condition
  • No lose objects in the car
  • No holes in front and rear firewalls
  • All signal lights working
  • Fuel systems enclosed
  • Roll cage padded around head impact area (if applicable)
  • Neat & tidy appearance.

Contact:         Email: driftwest@wascc.com.au          WASCC Office: 9306 8022           Facebook.com/driftwest

Drifting on Jack’s Hill provides added difficulty to an already exhilarating sport.

The Driftwest team run a number of Outlaw Series which comprises of door to door drifting called ‘Battles’.

The Infield is the starting place for all Drifters for a competency test which is available at all Drift Practice sessions.

The fastest growing motorsport and popular with the younger driver, Drifting is making its mark on the Australian scene.