Further WASCC Promoted Events

WA Sporting Car Club is responsible for promoting a number events aside from our Circuit Racing and Drifting calendars. These events include competitions and educational training days, and further details on them can be found below.

State Speed Event Series

The CAMS State Speed Event Series (SSES) is designed to encourage competition for all ages and improve the skill level of competitors. The only requirements are for the Driver to be a member of a CAMS affiliated club, hold a minimum of a Level 2S CAMS competition licence and compete in a vehicle which complies with the General Requirements for Cars and Drivers, Schedules A and B. Details can be found on the CAMS website.


This is a friendly competition designed to improve driver skill and vehicle performance whilst determining best and fairest competitor. On behalf of CAMS and the SSES group, WA Sporting Car Club are the promoters of SSES rounds held at Barbagallo Raceway.

Point 2 Point Series

The Point2Point Series is a great introduction to motorsport. The events cater for grass roots motoring enthusiasts, through to the experienced racing driver.

There are 5 events in the series, each with their own challenging layout utilising the whole facility here at Barbagallo Raceway. Each individual car is released at 30-45sec intervals, so there is no pressure to race door handle to door handle against other vehicles. Just you on track having fun in your car, be it a race car or your daily drive!


There are 2 options of either the Sprint or Shootout.

SPRINT – How fast can you go? The winner of the Sprint category will be the fastest combined total time for the day. Race against yourself and see if you can improve your PB’s over your 4 runs! Passengers are allowed in the Sprint runs, provided that the vehicle has an approved roll cage, safety harness and seat. Passengers must wear the appropriate safety equipment as well.

SHOOTOUT – Slow and steady! Set your ETA from your previous completed run to what you think you can achieve on your next run. The challenge is to set out to hit as close to your ETA for each of your runs. This category is all about precision driving in your elected vehicle to see how fast you can get through the challenging layout!
You can purchase a day licence on the day for $35 if you don’t already have a CAMS or AASA licence.


Entry forms can be found on our website www.wascc.asn.au or by emailing cameron@wascc.asn.au


Supplementary Regulations, which contains all the finer details and rules surrounding this series, can be found here.


Series Points for 2019 can be found by clicking the category below.




Cost: $150 for WASCC members. $170 for non members.

Competition Driving School

Format & Aim

In an intensive one day’s instruction, plus a comprehensive set of Notes and accompanying Lecture, the aim is a safe education in the major aspects of competition driving on Barbagallo Raceway. The goal of the course is to progress participants much of the way towards qualifying for a Provisional Circuit Racing Licence and/or prepare them for Speed Event Participation.

Whilst the school focuses on what you need to be fast and safe in competition many of the techniques you will learn will help keep you safe on the public road as well.


Who’s Teaching You

All instructors are regular competitors in WA Motorsport, many of them have won WA State Championships, held lap records etc. More particularly, the School uses tried and true methods of instruction that have underpinned the preparation of literally hundreds of new WA Motorsport participants over many years.


Your Vehicle

Students supply their own vehicle and once enrolled will receive comprehensive information on how to prepare for the school. Ideally a relatively modern manual or paddleshift transmission car is best. And a well maintained modern car will require little prep. Automatic transmission cars can also be used if that’s all that’s available. Students should be aware that high performance cars are absolutely not a necessity, a modestly powered manual hatch type vehicle is completely suitable. Of course, we won’t stop you bringing your Porsche GT3 RS if you absolutely have to!

Suvs/4WDs/Commercial vehicles are generally not suitable. If in doubt check with the WASCC Office.


Your Personnel Gear

Helmet – Open or Full Face in good condition with minimum compliance to AS 1698.

Clothing – Minimum long sleeved top, long pants.

Shoes – Dedicated driving shoes are highly recommended however flame resistant race spec boots aren’t mandatory, “Tuning day type” boots as sold by Go Gear are ok.


At the Raceway

Visit the Race Office upon arrival to check in. Please endeavour to arrive early so we can start promptly. It’s a very full, fun day at the track with lunch provided. You will need a full tank of fuel to start with.


WASCC Members $270
Non-members $320


The next Competition Driving School is on the 16th October.

Contact 93068022 to book or for more information.

CAMS Come & Try Day

For motorsport newcomers, come and try your hand at performance driving under the guidance of a professional instructor. Registration includes a single event CAMS licence.


What will you require?

Long sleeve shirt, preferably cotton
Long pants down to the ankle, preferably no polyester or similar
Helmet – if you already own a helmet please confirm it has as at minimum an AS1698 compliance sticker. Alternatively helmets are available for hire for the duration of the event. These are available for $10 per helmet.
Enclosed footwear.



What will the car require?

Ensure tyre treads are sufficient for a day of track activity.
Road tyres should be inflated to slightly above normal pressures, rule of thumb is approx. 36psi for most vehicles.
Enough fuel for a day of track activity, greater than half a tank would be recommended in most cases.
Serviceable brakes, ensure sufficient pad is available.
Serviceable seat belts, both driver & passenger.
Seats secure with adjusting mechanisms fully functional.
All lights functional.
Wipers and washers functional.


The next CAMS Come & Try Day is on 11th September.

Contact Peter Bowra on 93068022 to book, or for more information.

Norm Beechley lines up in his Monaro at the Caversham track in 1968.

The Point2Point layouts often use the entire venue, resulting in the cars returning to the Paddock via Wattle Ave East. Photo credit BeardySnaps.

State Speed Event Series runs at various locations, including Barbagallo Wanneroo Raceway. Photo credit BeardySnaps.

NightMasters is traditionally held in November as the last race meeting for the WASCC season.