General, Ultimate or Life Members of the WA Sporting Car Club can apply to lease an on-site garage at Wanneroo



There are several benefits to having garage access, including:
• Provides a convenient and cost-effective place to store your vehicle, tools, and equipment for events.
• Eliminates the need to bring your vehicle to and

from WASCC for events.
• Eliminates the need to pay for carports on race days.


As a result, there’s an extensive waitlist for garage allocations. To be fair members on the waitlist, there’s a

requirement to be an active participant in WASCC events as either a competitor or volunteer to maintain your eligibility for a garage. Garage eligibility is reviewed yearly.


Available garages are offered to active members in the order they have joined the waitlist. To join the waitlist for a garage please complete this form and email to


Garage Terms and Conditions


The Club is the owner and operator of Wanneroo Raceway including all supporting infrastructure. The Club utilises its resources in order to fulfil the objects of its Constitution. In relation to the allocation and retention of garages, the Club utilises the garages in order to facilitate the ability of its members to participate in Club events.


Conditional upon compliance by the Member with the conditions the Club shall allow the member to use the garage for the Term subject to the observance by the member of covenants and powers contained herein and/or implied under the Transfer of Land Act 1893 so far as they are not hereby negatived or modified.




1.1. Pay Costs: To pay to the WA Sporting Car Club to lease the garage annually, no part of which shall be refundable.
1.2. Financial Member: The Member is required to be a financial Race, Ultimate, or Life member of the Club to hold a garage. Should membership have lapsed at the time that the garage renewal is due; any right of tenure may be withdrawn and may not be re-instated, but only after the Club has notified the member and given the member 1 (one) month to rectify.

1.3 Active within the Club: The Member is required to be an active participant in Club events as either a competitor or volunteer.
1.3. Storage of Race Car and Parts: To use the Garage only for the storage of an active race car and parts and is not for general storage purposes.
1.4. Advertising Material: Not to display advertising material on the Garage except with the prior consent of the Club in writing which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. The Member shall be responsible for:
1.4.1. Ensuring that the erection of any advertising material has the prior approval of any relevant authorities; and
1.4.2. The removal of signs at the expiration of the lease and the making good of any damage caused by such removal.
1.5. Storage of Fuel: Not to store fuel and to observe all applicable statutory and Club regulations for storage of flammable and combustible liquids.
1.6. Insurance: The Club accepts no responsibility to any contents whatsoever and suggests the Member source their own contents and or worker’s compensation insurance if applicable.
1.7. Not to Alter or Damage the Garage: Not to make or allow being made any addition or alteration to the Garage except in accordance with drawings and specifications previously approved by the Club. Not to damage dismantle or destroy the Garage. This clause refers to the structure of the building, plumbing arrangements, ventilation, and electrical configuration. The Club reserves the right to make good any unauthorised alterations and charge the cost of such work to the member.
1.8. Electrical Appliances: To comply with our Risk Management commitments, it is essential that all electrical appliances within the garage, whether plugged in permanently or not, must have a current Australian Standards tag.
1.9. Reassignment: The Club reserves the right to re-assign this garage to the next appropriate person on the garage waiting list, should the covenants agreed in Clause 2 not be met.

1.10. Allow Access to the Club: The Club reserves the right to enter any allocated garage for reasons of (but not limited to) audit, security, safety, or general maintenance. Access will be constrained by all respect, care, and security for the member’s property within the garage.
1.11. Locks: Upon allocation, the club will issue each garage holder with a lock and two keys unique to that garage which are to be used to secure the allocated garage. Should a member wish to utilise a personal lock to secure the garage, a key to that lock must be registered with the Club.

1.12 Supercars Championship: The member agrees to vacate the garage during the period of the Perth round of the Supercars Championship (refer Section 5).




The Club hereby covenants with the Member that subject to the Member observing the Member’s Covenants in Section 1 of these Terms and Condition, the Club will:

2.1 Allow the Member to peaceably hold and enjoy the Garage without any hindrance or interruption by the Club or by any person or persons claiming under the Club for the Term of the lease.

2.2 Ensure the garage structure is insured. However, the onus remains on the Member to insure the contents of the structure as per Section 1.6.

2.3 Should membership have lapsed at the time that the garage renewal is due; the Club will notify the member and give the member 1 (one) month to rectify before any right of tenure is withdrawn.




The Member HEREBY COVENANTS AND AGREES with the Club and Lessor both jointly and severally:
3.1. Comply with Head Lease: That the member will duly and punctually observe and perform the Club’s covenants contained in the Head Lease as if they were covenants agreements stipulations and conditions made between the Member and the Club.
3.2. Lessor’s Powers Exercisable by the Club: That the rights powers and remedies of the Lessor contained or implied in the Head Lease shall be exercisable by the Club against the Member as if the Club was the Lessor and as if the Member were the Lessee and as if those rights and powers and remedies were set out in this Agreement in full.




4.1. Option to Extend: If at the expiration of the Term the Member wishes to extend the lease the Member must comply with the conditions outlined in Item 7.
4.2. Assignment: The Member shall not otherwise assign the lease or in any way part with possession of the Garage.
4.3. No Liability: The Club shall not be liable for, and the Member shall indemnify and hold harmless the Club against any actions, proceedings, claims or demands made by any person arising out of the use of the Garage.
4.4. Termination: Notwithstanding anything else herein contained the lease shall be terminated without any compensation being payable by the Club to the Member upon the termination of the Head Lease however so occurring.
4.5. Jurisdiction: These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of the State of Western Australia.
4.6. Waiting List: The Club reserves the right to re-assign the garage should the covenants laid down in these terms and conditions not be met.
4.7. Redevelopment/relocation: If the club decides to redevelop or relocate the garage during this Term it will without any compensation being payable by the Club to the Member then enter the Members name onto the top of the Waiting list and in the event of there being more than one (1) Member affected the member with the longest prior occupancy time will be entered at the top of the Waiting list followed by a sliding scale dependant on prior occupancy time to determine the order in which the members will have first right of refusal to the redeveloped or relocated garage for the term of this original licence agreement at the total discretion of the Club.
4.8. Amendments: These terms may be amended from time to time as resolved by the Committee upon which time the Member will be advised in writing.




The term specifically excludes the three weeks that encompass the annual Supercar Championship.
5.1. The member shall remove all personal equipment from the garage, and any external sign writing, by the deadline (at least two weeks before the designated date of the Supercar Championship).
5.2. The Club shall not be liable for the loss of and or damage to the member’s personal equipment left after the deadline.
5.3. If the garage is not vacated within the time specified, the member will be charged the costs of emptying and cleaning the garage and will not be permitted to regain possession until those charges have been paid, if not paid within 30 days, then the garage will be offered to the next appropriate member on the waiting list.
5.4. Any padlocks and keys shall be removed, by the deadline, and kept by the member until the end of the excluded three-week period.




The lease term runs for a period of 12 months, commencing on 1 December and expiring on 30 November.




Security of tenure of the garage licence for the following year for active race car storage and race car meetings is conditional upon the covenants of this agreement plus, the Club receiving the invoiced rental or direct debit authorisation no later than 30 days after the invoice date.




By paying their garage invoice, the Member enters into an Garage Agreement with the club, accepting the terms and conditions outlined above.